Google Ads Cost Calculator

Google Ads Cost Calculator is basically an online tool that will help you get a rough idea of Impressions, CPC Rate, Clicks, CTR, Conversions or Leads or Actions, etc. based on your money budget. So that you will know about how much ads cost on Google easily.

Google Ad Cost Calculator

Calculate the possible Google Budget

Metric Estimate
CPC Rate

Impressions: Impressions mean how many people were shown your ad on their phone, tablet, or computer screen. For example, if an ad is on screen and someone sees the ad on a website provided by Google AdSense or from Google Search, it will count as 1 impression.

CPC Rate: Google Ads Revenue Calculator also provides CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate that will tell you exactly how much you will be charged when a person clicks on a single ad. However, you can also set a maximum price per click according to your convenience.

Clicks: Google Ads Cost Calculator Clicks will let you know exactly how many clicks you’ll get after running an ad. Such as, if you provide a website link in an ad and users click on the ad and visit, then you can understand exactly how many visitors you get from the number of clicks.

CTR: The full form of CTR is Click Through Rate which tells you how well your ad will perform as a %. One of the most effective and efficient formulas for calculating CTR is, clicks ÷ impressions = CTR. The better the Click Through Rate, the better your ad will perform.

Conversions/Leads: Conversions will tell you exactly how many times a particular action can be completed. For example, how many sales you get, how many leads you get, or how many targeted clients you get, etc. are basically called conversions.

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Google Ads Cost Calculator Features

The latest Google AdWords keyword cost calculator provides a lot of features for its users so that they can enjoy it while using this tool. Considering your convenience, I have already mentioned some features below so that you can get a solid idea about this online tool.

However, let’s now know what features are available to enjoy.

  • No registration or login is required to use this tool
  • Easily understand how much does Google Ads cost
  • Get a rough idea of Google Ads price per month
  • Get the correct and real-time data or information
  • 100% safe to use on a mobile, tablet, or computer

Other features will be added to this Google Ad Budget Calculator in the future.

How Much Does Google Charge For Ads

As a digital marketer, search engine marketer, or random person, perhaps, you are curious to know about how to find out cost of Google AdWords, how much should spend to get targeted sales, Google Ads cost per click, CTR, actions, and other metrics.

So, let’s do a little calculation.

Let’s say, the average Google Ads CPC is $0.30.

In this case, you’ve to spend $0.30 for every single valid click on your Google text ads, image ads, video ads, responsive ads, product shopping ads, showcase shopping ads, call-only ads, or app promotion ads. If 500 people click on your ad, you’ll be charged $150.

Let’s say, the average Google Ads CPM is $3.12.

In this case, you’ve to spend $3.12 for every valid 1000 impressions according to the Cost Per Mile or CPM rate. If 5000 people are viewing your advertisement, you will have to spend $15.60. If 10000 people are viewing your advertisement, you will have to spend $31.20.

And to do the math automate, use the above Google Ads cost per click calculator.

You can also calculate the budget with Google Ads Account.


Many budgeting tools can be found by searching the Internet.

But for the best, you must use the Google Ads Cost Calculator tool. Because it will give you the right information about Impressions, CPC Rate, Clicks, CTR, and Conversions based on your budget. In that way, you can easily understand how much does Google cost.

Use it from USA, UK, India, or from anywhere in the world.