Twitter Ad Cost Calculator

Twitter Ad Cost Calculator is an online tool that can be used to know exactly how much Reach, Engagements, Followers, and Website Traffic can be achieved depending on a given budget so that you can get an idea about how much do ads on Twitter cost.

Twitter Budget Calculator

Twitter Ad Cost Calculator

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Reach: Reach or Impression or Views is the number of people who see your tweets, posts, videos, photos, and others. Depending on a budget, exactly how many people you can reach for your brand or personal promotion, that’s basically what reach means.

Engagements: Twitter Ad Cost Calculator Engagement is defined based on the exact number of times a user has taken action on a tweet. Actions can be likes, comments, retweets, replies, follows, link clicks, cards, hashtags, threads, embedded media, or photos.

Followers: The Twitter ads cost per follower basically depend on the targeted audience, geography or location, categories, and other metrics. Let’s say your targeted advertisement bid costs $2.50 per follower. In this case, it costs you $250 to get 100 followers.

Website Traffic: Running a Website Traffic campaign will charge you based on each link click, lead, or conversion. This way you can understand exactly how much money you need to spend on this American social media platform to get the exact number of visitors.

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Twitter Ad Cost Calculator Features

This Twitter budget calculator provides a lot of features and functions for the tool’s users. Once you start to use the tool on your Android, iOS, or computer devices, you will be able to easily enjoy all of the features as well as functions completely free.

By the way, let’s know which features you can enjoy.

  • No registration or login is required to use this tool
  • Get the correct and real-time data or information
  • 100% safe to use on a mobile, tablet, or computer

More features will be added to this calculator in the near future.

How Much Does Advertising Cost On Twitter

Most likely, as a digital marketer, social media marketer, or a random person, you’re highly interested to know about Twitter advertising cost per impression, Twitter ads cost per 1000 impressions, Twitter ads cost per click, and overall how much do ads on Twitter cost.

So, let’s see now how much Twitter ads are worth.

Average CPM rate is $6.46 for every 1000 impressions.

That is, when 1000 people see your ad on this microblogging social platform, you will spend this amount of money. So, and, to get 5000 impressions or reach, you need to spend $32.30. But the CPM rate mainly depends on the audience, country, niche, etc.

Average Follower costs about $2 to $4.

That is, when 1000 people follow you from the advertisement on this microblogging social platform, you will have to spend $2000 to $4000. But remember, the cost can be high or low depending on the targeted audience, country, niche, category, and other things.

That’s all.

You got the idea about how much is Twitter ads cost.


There are numerous budget calculator tools in the market today.

But, if you need the best one that will show you the total impression or reach, engagements, followers, and website traffics depending on your provided budget, then definitely start using the above Twitter Ad Cost Calculator tool on mobile, tablet, or PC.

This online tool is 100% free to use on a device.